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24pcs wholesale Fashion Scarf Jewelry Free Shipping Silver Scarf Bails Rings Material CCB Pendant Accessory S05829

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Ring Bail: 24x16mm(0.94"x0.62") Hole Diameter: 15mm(0.59")
Curved Bail Hole Diameter: 13.5mm,(0.53") Height: 10mm(0.39")
Round Ring Hole Diameter:13.5mm (0.53") Height: 15mm(0.59")
Round circle accessories, CCB scarf accessories
Striped Ring Hole Diameter: 15mm(0.59") Height:12mm(0.47")
Long Ring Hole Diameter:12mm (0.47") Height: 23mm(0.90") Width: 20mm(0.78" )
Trapezoid Ring Size 28x26x21mm(1.1"x1.0"x0.82"), Hole 22x11mm(0.86"x0.43")
Thin Ring: 24x4mm(0.94"x0.15"), Hole Diameter: 13mm(0.51")
1mm = 0.0393inch

All Material Lead Free
Material: CCB
CCB stands for Copper Costing Beads. the body of the bead is made of resin, plastic, or acrylic and then plated with copper. Then other materials (such as silver or gold) can be plated over the top of the copper. This could help with making the jewelry components more cost effective for today's economy.

Sold 24pcs, Exactly The Same As Shwon In The Picture.
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