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Bronze Fancy Scarf Jewelry Rings Beads Decorative Scarf Accessory S3242

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Scarf Jewelry Slides Rings Beads Bronze Plated Big Hole.

ET-50: Long Ring Hole Diameter:15mm(0.59") Height: 22mm(0.86") Width: 20mm(0.78") ;
ET-51: Ring Hole Diameter: 17mm(0.67") Height:13mm(0.51");
ET-55: Outsider Diameter: 22mm(0.86"), Hole Diameter: 15mm(0.59"), Height: 14mm(0.55");
ET-11: Hole Diameter: 15mm(0.59") Height:12mm(0.47") ;
ET-36: Hole Diameter: 13mm(0.53") Length: 18mm(0.70") ;
ET-53: Outside diameter 23mm(0.90"), Hole Diameter:15mm(0.59") ;
ET-56: Outside diameter 23mm(0.90"), Hole Diameter:13mm(0.51") ;
ET-52: Outside diameter 24mm(0.94"), Hole Diameter:18mm(0.71") ;
ET:54: Ring Size: outside diameter 24mm(0.94"), Hole Diameter:14mm(0.55") .
Color: Antique Bronzed Plated Material: Acrylic.
Sold 12pcs, Choose One Style From The List.
Exactly The Same As Shown In The Picture
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Mixed Style Acrylic Rings For Scarf Or Other Decoration,
Antique Bronze Plated.