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This workshop contains the following topics:

1.What Is In Today's Scarf Jewelry Market?

2.How To Make A Nice Scarf Jewelry Set By Yourself?

3.Scarf Rings: How To Decorate Scarf Rings On Scarf?

4.How To Attach Scarf Ends Caps With Scarf?

5.How To Pull The Scarf Through Scarf Rings Without Scratch The Scarf?

6.What Is An Infinity Scarf?

7.How to Bead Fabric?

8.How To Wear Infinity Scarf?

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The Video Below Introduce the ways to turn summer scarves into dresses. Nice job!




What is In Today's Scarf Jewelry Market

     It's still not the time to look back and review. But if you ask me what the opinion of  today's scarf jewelry market, I would say there are mainly 5 styles: 1. Traditional Classic Style. Like a heart, cross,  flower or so, these are the classic jewelry theme, and always will be popular on the market and will last  forever.

Scarf Jewelry Purple Pendant Scarf with Jewelry     scarf jewelry with necklace      heart pendant scarf

2. Animal Style. Like the elephant, peacock, owl etc. Some people believe wearing animal jewelries will bring luck or wisdom to that person.

owl pendant scarf                        elephant pendant scarf

3. Modern Style Scarf Jewelry. Creative elegant ideas, imaginations that is added into pieces.

                       large slides scarf jewelry 

4. Free Style Scarf Jewelry. More Creative And Free Design Elements.

                                                                  scarf jewelry                      scarf jewelry

5. Traditional Scarf Clips Come Back With New Factors.

How To Make A Nice Scarf Jewelry Set By Yourself

     In the past year of 2012, more and more customers have visited our online store, and some of them started ordering the supplies from us. Some of my clients are very experienced, but some are first time buyers, that's why I've added this page for those who may want look for some ideas.

One of the client emailed me saying that she was so happy she bought  the scarf accessories, but when she eventually recieved the package, she didn't know what to do with them. She asked for some advice of how to put all the components onto the scarf .

Well, let's start with the basic, to how to make a completed scarf jewelry set.

First thing, you need some basic materials: a bail, a pendant, a scarf and jump rings, also you may need proper tool such as a pliers. Look at the pictures below:

 scarf tube bail slide     bronze heart pendant scarf     jump rings      jewelry making tool, pliner   

Second step,  you can use the pliers to open the jump ring, connect the bail and pendant then close it. Then gently pull the scarf through the hole of bail, and put the bail at the middle of the scarf.

Last thing,use your imagination, and decorate the scarf by adding nice rings or beads, and a nice scarf jewelry product is completed!

Try it on, give yourself a big smile.

                                  jewelry scarf



Scarf Rings-How to decorate scarf rings on Scarf


How to use the scarf rings?  First slide your scarf beads on from either one or two corner of your scarf.  

Then Gentlely pull the scarf through the beads till they are in position. 

you can use one, two or more beads depends on the look you require.     


How to use scarf rings        how to use scarf ringsHow to use scarf rings on scarfhow to use scarf rings on scarfs


How To Attach Scarf Ends Caps With Scarf 


Have a look at our range of Scarf End Caps. Perfect for finishing off any Scarf Ends. These not only add a personal touch but can help to anchor lightweight Scarves that like to fly off into the breeze. The Scarf End Caps let you put that personal twist on a vital fashion accessory.

We recommend that you attach these scarf ends with a 2 part epoxy glue as follows. Coat the inside of one scarf end cap generously with mixed epoxy glue. Insert one end of the scarf and if needed use a bamboo skewer to ensure all of the bottom edge of the scarf is fully inside the end cap.

Repeat this step for the other end of the scarf. Let the glue dry as per the manufacturerós instructions before attaching the beaded strands to the scarf end caps.

If you intend to add on a Scarf Pendant or a Scarf Bail ensure that you thread it onto the scarf before gluing both ends onto the scarf.

Available in Acrylic Plastic, these Scarf End Caps can complement and complete any outfit.

All of the caps charms and ends on the Decorative Scarf ends are made from Acrylic or plated plastic with links (jumprings) made from brass based plated metal. This includes all caps, all charms and all of the attached beads and focal pieces.

How To Pull The Scarf Through Scarf Rings Without Scratch the Scarf?


Do you decorate your own scarves occasionally? Do you know how to pull the scarf through the rings without scratch it?
Here is the tip of how to pull the scarf through the scarf rings or tubes without scratch the scarf:
First cut a piece of wax paper into small piece, then use it to wrap the corner of the scarf.
Second, gently pull the wax paper with the scarf through the rings till they are in position.
Remove the wax paper by pull it out slowly.
You Are Set! 

What Is An Infinity Scarf?


An infinity scarf is one round piece of fabric won as a scarf, without an end, like a circle that you slide over your head, opposite of a traditional scarf that is one long piece that is unattached. 


How To Bead Fabric?

Basic ScarfSingle LoopDouble LoopHoodedCapeletShawlVest