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How to Make Scarf Rings from Buttons and Keyrings

                                                                                                                                                                 Shank Buttons
                                                                  It's hardly a tutorial because all you have to do with them is to add them to a keyring! I use a split ring plier -

                                                                  I highly recommend this tool as you can use it for regular keychains or to even keep your pant zippers up! A real nail saver.

2-Hole Buttons

 The tutorial here shows how to make your own proper wire shank for these buttons. 

                                                                                             First cut about 4 inches of 20 G wire and fold them with 2 different lengths. Poke the wire through the two holes.



                                              Pull the wire snugly so the bend is sitting as close to the top button as much as possible. On the back end of the bottom button,

                                               flatten the wire ends going the opposite direction from each other. Use the smaller cylinder of the medium size bail forming pliers

                                               to roll up 2 loops of wire from the shorter wire end. Trim off any excess if you coil more than 2 loops. Keep the coil tight and bring

                                              it to the center of the button when "rolling". You can use your round nose pliers but remember the coil will not be even. One of the

                                              loops is going to be smaller than the other because these pliers are tapered.


                                              Now use the longer wire length to wrap once around the double loop. Cut off the excess with your flush cutters. Tuck in the cut wire end.

                                              With the completed wire shank, adding the split ring is the final step!


Jewelry Glue Types: Gorilla Glue, 2-part Epoxy


1.GORILLA™ Epoxy Impact-Tough™ Formula

Gorilla Glue


• Working time: 5 minutes
• Set for light handling: 30 minutes
• Fully cured: 24 hours

Foam, wood, plastic (except polyethylene, polypropylene and Teflon), stone, glass, ceramics and metal.

This water-resistant epoxy has a slight gap-filling quality that can be helpful when working with slightly uneven surfaces.


Gorilla Glue

Light Tan

• Working time: 10 to 15 minutes
• Sets: 2 hours
• Fully cured: 24 hours

Foam, wood, plastic (except polyethylene, polypropylene, and Teflon), stone, glass, ceramics, and metal.

This glue is non toxic, acid free, waterproof and stainable/paintable.

3.GORILLA Glue Precision Pen

Gorilla Glue

Soft White

• Working time: 5 to 10 minutes
• Sets: 30 to 60 minutes
• Light handling: 1 to 5 minutes
• Fully cured: 24 hours

Foam, wood, stone, glass, ceramics, and metal.

This glue expands to 3 to 4 times the surface area you apply--a little goes a long way.

4.GORILLA Super Glue Gel

Gorilla Glue


• Sets: 10 to 30 seconds
• Light handling: 1 to 5 minutes
• Fully cured: 24 hours

Plastic (not polyethylene or polypropylene), wood, metal, ceramic, rubber, leather, paper, gemstones, glass.

This thicker formula is great for vertical applications.

5.GORILLA Super Glue Impact-Tough Formula

Gorilla Glue


• Sets: 10 to 30 second
• Fully cured: 24 hours

Wood, metal, stone, ceramics and plastic (except polyethylene, polypropylene and Teflon).

Once you apply your pieces they can't be repositioned, but the fully dried glue can be sanded.

6. Devcon® 5 Minute® 2-part Epoxy

Gorilla Glue


• Working time: 5 minutes
• Sets: 10 to 15 minutes
• Fully cured: 12 hours

Wood, stone, glass, ceramics, metal, rhinestones and cabochons.

Mixing the equal parts is easier because of the syringe packaging.

7. Devcon 2 Ton®

Gorilla Glue


• Working time: 8 to 12 minutes
• Sets: 30 minutes
• Fully cured: 12 hours

Wood, stone, glass, ceramics, metal, rhinestones and cabochons.

This is as strong as the 5-minute version, but allows more working time.

Where Will Scarf Jewelry Be 1 Year From Now?


#1 Bow Knot Scarves among the newest scarf trends In 2017

Bows are commonly added to gifts and other things we use in our life, such as the clothes we wear for decoration and such. If you don't know how to tie your scarf in a bow, then you have to start learning because bow-knot scarves are displayed as a fashionable scarf trend for next year. Satin, chiffon, wool and silk scarves are all perfect for accomplishing this classic, romantic and appealing look.


#2 Knitted scarves Is In!

Knitted scarves are known to be the most natural among both men and women. They are perfect for the cold seasons, especially in winter time. They provide you with more warmth because they are made of wool. They are available in many different styles such as ruffle knit scarves, knitted scarves with tassels, lace knit scarves, chunky knit scarves and more amazing styles that enhance your elegance.

#3: Skinny scarves

Skinny scarves are one of the top scarf trends that are shown for the next year. They have not recently appeared as they were here during last year and insist on being with us in upcoming seasons. They can be found in different soft materials such as satin, chiffon, and silk for more femininity. Beaded skinny scarves, fringe skinny scarves, and other popular styles can make you more attractive. So, what do you think of opting in for this scarf trend?




#4 Neckerchiefs

     If you don't like wearing long scarves because they make you uncomfortable while walking or do not suit your style, then you can try the shorter scarves that are like neckerchiefs. Neckerchiefs are perfect for the people who like the romantic and regular style and not the casual one. You can wear your neckerchiefs in a lot of different ways. The ideas that are shown here can help you get encouraged to look fashionable on different occasions and at any place.

What is In Today's Scarf Jewelry Market

It's still not the time to look back and review. But if you ask me what the opinion of today's scarf jewelry market, I would say there are mainly 5 styles:

1. Traditional Classic Style. Like a heart, cross, flower or so, these are the classic jewelry theme, and always will be popular on the market and will last forever.

Purple Scarf Heart Charm Yellow Scarf Heart Charm Golden Heart Charm

2. Animal Style. Like the elephant, peacock, owl etc. Some people believe wearing animal jewelries will bring luck or wisdom to that person.

Blue Owl Charm Elephant Scarf Charm

3. Modern Style Scarf Jewelry. Creative elegant ideas, imaginations that is added into pieces.

Silver Scarf Charm Green Scarf with Three Beads

4. Free Style Scarf Jewelry. More Creative And Free Design Elements.

Red Scarf Purple Scarf

5. Traditional Scarf Clips Come Back With New Factors.

How To Make A Nice Scarf Jewelry Set By Yourself

In the past year of 2012, more and more customers have visited our online store, and some of them started ordering the supplies from us. Some of my clients are very experienced, but some are first time buyers, that's why I've added this page for those who may want look for some ideas.

One of the client emailed me saying that she was so happy she bought the scarf accessories, but when she eventually received the package, she didn't know what to do with them. She asked for some advice of how to put all the components onto the scarf .

Well, let's start with the basic, to how to make a completed scarf jewelry set.

First thing, you need some basic materials: a bail, a pendant, a scarf and 1.2x8mm jump rings, also you may need proper tool such as a plier. Look at the pictures below:

Scarf Tube Bail Slide Heart Charm Jump Rings Pliers

Second step, you can use the pliers to open the jump ring, connect the bail and pendant then close it. Then gently pull the scarf through the hole of bail, and put the bail at the middle of the scarf.

Last thing,use your imagination, and decorate the scarf by adding nice rings or beads, and a nice scarf jewelry product is completed!

Try it on, give yourself a big smile.

Jewelry Scarf


Scarf Rings: How to Decorate Scarf Rings on Scarf

How to use scarf rings: First slide your scarf beads on from either one or two corner of your scarf.

Then gently pull the scarf through the beads till they are in position.

You can use one, two, or more beads depending on the look you require.

How to Attach Scarf Ends Caps to a Scarf

Have a look at our range of scarf end caps, perfect for finishing off any scarf ends. These not only add a personal touch but can help to anchor lightweight scarves that like to fly off into the breeze. The scarf end caps let you put that personal twist on a vital fashion accessory.

We recommend that you attach these scarf ends with a 2 part epoxy glue as follows: Coat the inside of one scarf end cap generously with mixed epoxy glue. Insert one end of the scarf and if needed use a bamboo skewer to ensure all of the bottom edge of the scarf is fully inside the end cap.

Repeat this step for the other end of the scarf. Let the glue dry as per the manufacturer's instructions before attaching the beaded strands to the scarf end caps.

If you intend to add on a scarf pendant or a scarf bail, ensure that you thread it onto the scarf before gluing both ends onto the scarf.

Available in acrylic plastic, these scarf end caps can complement and complete any outfit.

All of the caps charms and ends on the decorative scarf ends are made from acrylic or plated plastic with links (jump rings) made from brass based plated metal. This includes all caps, all charms and all of the attached beads and focal pieces.

How to Pull the Scarf Through Scarf Rings Without Scratching the Scarf?

Do you decorate your own scarves occasionally? Do you know how to pull the scarf through the rings without scratch it? Here is the tip of how to pull the scarf through the scarf rings or tubes without scratch the scarf: First cut a piece of wax paper into small piece, then use it to wrap the corner of the scarf. Second, gently pull the wax paper with the scarf through the rings till they are in position. Remove the wax paper by pull it out slowly. You Are Set!

What is an Infinity Scarf?

An infinity scarf is one round piece of fabric won as a scarf, without an end, like a circle that you slide over your head, opposite of a traditional scarf that is one long piece that is unattached.

Attaching Scarf Caps

How to Add Scarf Jewelry Caps to Scarf Ends

Step 1: Bundle scarf end and wrap with fabric tape. Using 18-gauge silver-finished Zebra Wire™, make eight tight wraps around the taped scarf end, bend wire into the center then create an "L" shape.
Step 2: Coat the wrapped wire and scarf end with E-6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive then string scarf jewelry caps onto wire and add a bead of your choice to embellish.
Step 3: Trim wire as needed and create a simple loop for further embellishment.

Scarf Cap Ends

How to Attach Scarf End Caps to Scarf: Step by Step Video Demo

Text in the video:

Today I am going to show you how to make scarf ring with scarf end caps.

These are two loop scarves made by myself.

You may use magnetic scarf end caps to connect at the end of the scarves.
Or you may use lobster clasps to connect scarf ends. It is up to you.

Magnetic scarf end caps are more easier to put on or take off from neck. If you use lobster clasps , it may take more times to put on or take off.

Let's start now . First you need a piece of scarf. I have this zebra cotton scarf which was cut from a long scarf. I need 20 inch in length. Now I will show you how to attach scarf end caps to the scarf.

Fold the scarf end properly, then pick the right scarf end caps for your scarf. We have regular size or small (dime) size. Coat the inside of one scarf end caps generously with mixed epoxy glue. Next thing is to insert one end of the scarf and if needed use a bamboo skewer to ensure all of the button edge of the scarf is fully inside the end cap.

Repeat the same steps on the other side of the scarf.

The next thing is to use small magnetic clasps to attach to the loop of the scarf end caps with jump rings. So it attach to each other firmly.

Let me try it on, is it pretty?

There are all kinds of different scarf end caps at our online store. Such as magnetic scarf end caps, caps with loop on top, caps with hole on top, gold tone caps, silver tone caps, regular size, small size...

What is a Lucky Evil Eye?

Evil eye is a look that is believed by many cultures to be able to cause injury or bad luck on the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike. According to an ancient Turkish belief, an envious look cast upon you can bring bad luck. Evil eye charm provides protection and brings you good luck. It keeps the bad spirits away. We find this figure in Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures. Evil eye can be seen hanging above doorways, or hanging from the mirrors of cars, or pinned to the shirts of newborn babies. It can be used as a necklace, bracelet, anklet or an earring.

What is The Hamsa Hand?

The Hamsa is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. In all faiths it is a protective sign. It brings it's owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. This Bracelet is ideal gift for friends or yourself.

How Do Magnetic Scarf Caps Work?

The magnetic scarf caps ends use powerful magnetic to attach the scarf caps together. You just need to attach the scarf ends into the scarf caps as shown in the picture, and two parts of scarf caps will attach together strongly.

Magnetic Scarf Caps Magnetic Scarf Caps


More Video Tutorials


How To Bead Fabric

More Released Video On YouTube: How To Make Scarf Jewelry Part 4:

You may find most of these rings, bails, and pendants at our online store so you can make your own unique scarf jewelry as well.

How To Wear an Infinity Scarf