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"The quality of the scarf jewelry I have purchased is very good. I enjoy that there is a variety of designs available in one set. I would certainly recommend this company."            Betty S*mark  18/06/2015



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Welcome to our scarf jewelry wholesale and jewelry findings wholesale online store. Are you looking for 

Scarf Rings, Scarf Sliders or Scarf Beads and Pendants for making decorative scarves?

Please go to Shop Now page.We provide supplies for jewelry findings  ChainsHeadpins, Jump rings,

Caps & cones, Crimp cover  and Wires.

Check our FAQ Page if you have questions like: What to do if my transaction  can not successfully complete?

What is the return policy? How to tell the difference between metal and acrylic sliders.

If you are the first time visitor, please go to our workshop get an idea of basic scarf jewelry making ideals.


If you have any question, please kindly email to or call 1877-2912742                                                     

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